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The Mission: To promote global unity
through communication and acceptance.

"I believe in our own individual uniqueness, that there are no accidents or coincidence, and that we each have a purpose to fulfill here on earth. Whether you are a parent who strongly and patiently guides the life of his or her children, or are a spokesperson leading global change we are each creating our lives every day from what we believe to be true. If we are in touch with our purpose, and believe that we can, there are no limits. If we feel lost along the way, and have stopped trusting in ourselves, perhaps all we need are some encouraging words to get us back on course in our journey through life and begin trusting in ourselves once again.

I wrote The Land of I Can when I was in a very inspired place in my heart after returning from the Awakened World Conference. The words effortlessly flowed onto the page with the knowledge that the message I would share with others is my purpose. I know that you can live your life by choice, not by chance. With your willingness to take one step forward, courageously you will move from ordinary to extraordinary.

Embrace your purpose and talents. Ignite the light inside you. Shine brightly into the world!

That is my wish for you.

You can!"

--Susan Gilbert
Author of The Land of I Can

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